[Duelist] Performance Dexterity™ Gloves 2.0 (Single)

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[DUELIST] Dexterity Gloves™ unleash the full potential of thin, lightweight KYnergy® technology for both the Professional Gamer and everyday Keyboard Warrior. Ambidextrous Fit. Designed for PC use.

Uses in preventing symptoms of Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, forearm/wrist pain, prevent sweaty hands, cold/hot hands, increase blood circulation and improve wound recovery rate.


Glove Sizing
Size Width (inches, measure across the knuckles) For a tight fit use the lower range, for a looser fit choose the higher range (i.e. a 3.5" hand size can choose either M or L sizes) 

S: 2.5-3.0
M: 3.0-3.5
L: 3.5-4.0
XL: 4.0-4.5


KYnergy® provides comfort and flexibility, and keeps hands warm and dry. Ergonomic fingerless design allows the wearer to perform without restriction, alleviates pain, and protects from repetitive stress injuries.