What Does REACTIV Gear Help Treat?

REACTIV Common Debuffs Related to Gaming


The REACTIV Advantage

REACTIV Competitive Advantage

Only REACTIV Gear meets all the needs for Performance, Recovery, and Gaming in the competitive industry of Esports!


Our Technology

Our products are made with KYNERGY® textiles to keep you performing as fast and as strong as your avatar, by increasing blood flow and regulating skin-temperature, which in turn helps to maintain reaction speed, improve endurance, and shorten recovery times.


Clinical Trials

Celliant® has gone through over 9 clinical trials, with many more in progress. Clinical trials have been conducted at the following locations:

UCI Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center

University of California, Irvine

Loyola University Chicago

Texas A&M University

University of Calgary

Want to see for yourself? Check out the studies and their conclusions here.


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